Scampi swimwear

2023 kollektion

Each new season, the overall ambition from Scampi Swimwear is to have as little impact as possible on our planet and to present a collection with as long-lasting quality as design. For Spring/Summer 2023, Scampi releases three separate drops with unique color stories under a common inspiration. All contemporary as well as timeless, all complete in themselves but even stronger in combination.

The overarching theme for Spring/Summer -23 is found where a hot, Swedish summer in the late 70’s is infused with day dreams of distant and exotic shores. We see parasols and outdoor furniture with bold stripes against a backdrop of the lush Swedish primeval forest, pale blue sky, and bright summer sun. Summer cottages, salty baths, mosquitoes, loin of pork on the grill with fruit salad to end the evening.

We find a clear graphic direction with inspiration from far-away continents with hand-painted patterns, blocked colors, and playful stripes together with classic squares and pipings in strong contrast. A balance between the stylish and the sporty appears in a modern and timeless manner. Many styles are reversible and freely adapt to mood and context.

The first drop holds elegant colors such as the ever-popular Army, off white and timeless Black. With the strong and graphic Etch print, a complete expression is created. The second release features calm, earthy colors such as Morocco and Aqua, which find a harmonious home in the Combo Stripe print. Energy and high intensity can be found in the last drop where we glance towards more southern latitudes and sun-bleached variations of yellow, purple and lime set the tone in the playful Fruit Salad print.