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LEAVE NO TRACE It’s not just about looking good but feeling good — using responsible clothing that makes a positive impact on the wellbeing of our environment. Sustainability is a hot topic, and conscious consumers today have the option to choose from many products with a reduced environmental impact.

At Scampi we know that swimwear can be stunning, durable and sustainable at the same time and our mission is to have zero impact on our beautiful planet. To that end, we have taken a number of steps and will continuously improve and evolve our practices. Some of the things we have done is to partner up with Aquafil, the leading manufacturer of sustainably regenerated nylon yarn — Econyl®, to produce our swimwear in European factories with fair working conditions and to fully offset the remaining impact made by our product creation –and more– to have it all climate positive.

All Scampi products are climate positive meaning that by a total assessment by an independent third party they do not contribute to global warming and we compensate for more than our remaining emissions. Achieving climate positivity is all about the math. By having Tricorona Climate Partner calculating and analyzing all emissions throughout our supply chain, from sewing thread production to web shop order shipments, we can apply strategies to reduce those emissions as much as possible. Then we offset 120% of the remaining emissions. Our emissions are calculated by the iso–14021 standard and our offsets decrease emissions by supporting certified climate projects in developing countries where it has the greatest positive effect for our planet.

This season we support the solar power plant of Godawari in Rajastahn, India that daily produces fossil-free energy used in the power grid. The facility is the first of its kind and is leading the way for scaled-up solar power generation in India and the project is certified through both cdm and Gold Standard.

Our online shop also offers carbon emission compensation with Climate Credits to offset the travel you might do to put your gorgeous swimwear to use. It all means that you donate funds to decrease emissions by supporting our UN-sanctioned project in Godawari helping to further reduce your impact on the earth’s climate.

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